Monthly Archive: February 2014

i Know About Madagascan Rainbow Fish


Rainbow fishes have attracted big mass since many years. The striking colors and wide varieties made the rainbow fishes a great choice for an aquarium at homes. Of many types, Madagascan Rainbow fish is a very popular choice for home aquariums. Also called as Bedotia gaeyi, the madagascan rainbow fish is originated from Madagascar. These fishes have bright yellow color that simply turns the eyes of anyone nearby. As with most rainbow fish types, this type of fish too have a wide mouth, dorsal fins, and large eyes. Caring this fish is very easy. This fish requires at least a 50 gallons tank and should have plants inside. The tank should have plants in moderate level so that the fish can have space for both hiding and freely roam around.

A 4 feet length tank with dark/black gravel substrate can make this make this fish to look attractive. The male shows bright colors during the courtship process. They do this to attract the female fishes. This type of fish can grow to a maximum length of 6 inches and has a bigger mouth. These fishes should not be fed with large food as they do not have big throat to swallow the food. This omnivore fish should be given a mixed diet such as algae, live foods, and flake foods.