Monthly Archive: June 2014

Amazing Facts about Turquoise Rainbow Fish

FishThough they carry the name rainbow, the rainbow fishes always do not have rainbow like colors and patterns on their body. There are many variants of rainbow fish that come in different stunning colors. Now let’s look into some facts about Turquoise rainbow fish. As the name denotes, Turquoise rainbow fish has intense, vibrant blue color on the exterior that can simply attract the eyes of anyone. Due to this reason, these fishes are used in centerpiece aquarium. Some of the characteristics of these fishes are big mouths, dorsal fins, bigger eyes, black/silver bands on scale, etc.

Also called as Melanotaenia lacustris, the turquoise rainbow fishes are schooling fish that requires at least a 50 gallon tank with plants. The plants should be filled in such a way that fish has more area and space to move freely inside the tank. In order to intensify the color of the fish, one can add black or dark gravel to the floor of the aquarium. The fry can be fed with tiny live foods. The origin of the fish is Australia and belongs to Melanotaeniidae family. One should not feed the adult turquoise rainbow fish with big sized food stuff considering their big mouth. Though their mouth is big, their throat is small and cannot swallow big foods.