Monthly Archive: July 2014

Things to Know About Eastern Rainbowfish


Rainbow fishes come in many varieties. Easter rainbow fish is one of the amazing rainbow fishes that look attractive. Also called as Splendid rainbow, this is one of the subspecies from Melanotaenia splendida. This fish can be identified by its wide mouth, black/silver band on the scale, and dorsal fins. This type of fish is quite peaceful in nature and requires at least 50 gallons of tank. Planted aquarium is ideal for this fish. However, one should not overfill with many plants as the fish requires more space to roam freely.

Adorning the tank with black color gravel can make the fish look bright and stunning. The male fish displays highly vibrant colors during the breeding time. The adult fish should be removed from the tank after the fry has hatched. After 24 hours of hatching, the fry should be fed with an omnivorous diet. This fish is originated in Australia and is compatible with many other breeds. One should never feed big sized food to this fish as the food will be struck in its narrow throat.