Monthly Archive: August 2014

Celebes Rainbow – A Small Introduction


Rainbow fishes have become a popular choice for most home aquariums. There are many varieties of rainbow fishes found across different parts of the world. Here, we will look into Celebes rainbow fish. Also called as Telmatherina ladigesi, the Celebes rainbow fish looks attractive with natural or ambient lighting. The males look more colorful than females and have anal and dorsal fin. This fish is schooling fish, means they move in groups. These fishes have peaceful behavior, and they are quite friendly with other fishes in the tank.

Though the caring of the fish is very easy, this fish is sensitive to changes. Therefore, owners should exercise caution when changing waters or when cleaning the tank. One should check that the environment is stable. This fish requires a tank size of at least minimum of 20 gallons and they may lay eggs on the plants. The fry can be fed with brine shrimp or live foods. One should avoid feeding this fish with bigger size foods. Although the mouth is wider and big, the throat of the fish is small. Feeding bigger could choke the fish.