Monthly Archive: September 2014

Threadfin Rainbow – A Small Introduction


Most people think that rainbow fishes have vibrant colors like a rainbow. Though it is true in some cases, one should also remember that rainbow fishes come in different variants in terms of size and color. Threadfin rainbow is one of the kinds of rainbow fishes that come in a mix of blue and gray colors. The males have long threads, which is not common among rainbow fish variants. Generally, these fishes are identified by silver/black bands, bigger eyes, wide angled mouth, and dorsal fins. These fishes are quite peaceful and require a moderate level of care. This fish require at least 10 gallons size tank.

In order to brighten its color and look, one can add dark gravel or dark background. This fish produce eggs in the form of big clumps. An important thing is that the parents should be taken out from the tank before the hatching of the eggs happens. The fry should be given small foods. The mouth of the threadfin rainbow looks very wide and big. However, its throat is narrow. Therefore, one should feed it with small size food only.