Monthly Archive: October 2014

Introduction to Praecox Rainbow Fish


Rainbow fishes have all always attracted the kids and adults alike, through their vibrant colors. You must remember that rainbow fishes have different variants, and they come in different colors and sizes. Here, we will look into Praecox Rainbow fish. This fish is also called as Dwarf Neon Rainbow. This fish is characterized by large eyes, long angled mouth, silver or black bands on the body, and two fins at dorsal. This type of fish requires at least 20 gallons size tank. The tank should have long plants and should also have free space to move and roam.

Dark colored background or substrate can simply intensify the color of this fish. There some important pointers to be noted when people want to breed the fish at home. The adult fish should be removed from the fry. The fry should be given small pieces of foods. Though the mouth of the Dwarf Neon Rainbow or Praecox Rainbow looks big, their throat is very small. Therefore, one should strictly avoid feeding big sized food. Like many other rainbow fishes, these fishes can be cared easily, and they are quite friendly with most other fishes as well.