Monthly Archive: December 2014

Why Rainbow Fishes are Very Popular?


Many people want to have rainbow fishes in their aquarium. There are many reasons that make these fishes the best choice for aquariums and now let’s look into some of them. First, these fishes are attractive. Comes in vibrant colors, these fishes adds more color to your aquarium and even to your ambience. Another reason that makes the rainbow fishes a popular choice of an aquarium is low maintenance. These fishes are not very sensitive like many other fresh water aquarium fishes, and hence they require relatively less amount of maintenance. They can live comfortably in tap waters, and there is no frequent water changes are required. The rainbow fishes come in different sizes, so people have to choose the sizes according to the size of aquarium tanks.

The threadfin rainbow fish is smaller is size, while the dwarf rainbow varieties will grow little bigger. There are different varieties of rainbow fishes present, and hence people have more options to choose an ideal one for their aquariums. There are many important steps to keep the rainbow fishes hale and healthy. The male fishes are brightly colored and bigger in size than the female fishes. Rainbow fish foods are available in the pet stores. These fishes can be fed with both pellet and flakes food. The rainbow fishes breed easily in captivation. In order to increase the breeding chances, one should feed with right type/quantity of food and ensure better lighting condition and water condition. You can ask the local aquarium shop to know more about the fishes.