Monthly Archive: January 2015

How to Care the Rainbow Fishes


Anyone who wants to set an aquarium at home can begin with rainbow fish. These fishes are found in Australia and also seen in regions of South East Asia. With vibrant colors all over the body, the rainbow fishes look striking, and they can make your home more beautiful and peaceful. If you are planning to have rainbow fish in your home aquarium, then do not forget to follow the below tips.

First, you should ensure that you get bigger sized aquarium tank. That’s because rainbow fishes require more space to roam freely around. Make sure to equip the tank with a filter and air pump, so that the water always has better oxygen content, which makes the fishes comfortable. Put some long leaves and rock inside the fish tank, so that the fishes can have some place to hide and sleep. Avoid overfeeding the fishes at any cost. You can feed them three times in a day with a regular time interval. Overfeeding will not only affect the fish’s health but also make the water dirty and cloudy. Make sure that you are giving the right and best food for the rainbow fishes, and ensure that you buy the right one.

It is good to equip the aquarium with a better thermometer. This helps to see whether the fish water is at an optimal temperature, which ranges anywhere between 72 and 82 degrees of Fahrenheit. In order to keep the fish’s health at best possible level, make sure to clean the tank once in every two weeks.