Monthly Archive: February 2015

Assorted Pseudomugil Rainbow Fish – Small Introduction


For those, who have a deep interest in rainbow fish, should never miss to know about Assorted Pseudomugil Rainbow fish. This type of rainbow fish is a bit different from other variants of rainbow fish. This fish has its origin in Australia and belongs to Pseudomugilidae family. This fish comes in assorted colors, giving a highly attractive look. While most rainbow fishes can be easily cared, the Pseudomugil Rainbow Fish are difficult to care and maintain. This type of fish requires at least a massive tank size of 20 gallons.

They are moderately aggressive in nature and will not accommodate other fishes in the tank easily. This fish shares some similarities with other rainbow fish such as larger eyes, wide mouth, dorsal fins, etc. This fish prefers aquarium set up with plants. However, the plants should be filled moderately so that fishes can swim freely. In order to increase the color intensity of the fish, one can spread dark gravel on the floors or have some dark background. Lighting the fish in the night can simply make the fish look stunning and vibrant. Enough care should be taken when feeding this fish. One should never feed the fishes with big sized food as they do not have a big throat.