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Short Introduction to Axelrodi Rainbow Fish


Among the huge varieties of Rainbow fishes, Axelrodi Rainbow Fish is one of the popular types. This fish is originated in Australia and belongs to the Melanotaeniidae family. This fish can grow to a maximum size of 4 inches, and they have an omnivorous diet habit. The minimum tank size required for this fish is 50 gallons and can be maintained or cared easily. Also called as Lake Tebera Rainbow, the Axelrodi Rainbow Fish comes in striking blue color that stunningly glows in the natural sunlight. This schooling fish are very peaceful in nature.

Like most rainbow fish type, these fishes features dorsal fins, silver/black bands, wide mouth, large eyes. The ideal aquarium set up for these fishes are bunches of plants along the sides with open water space in the middle. This set up helps the fish to roam freely and also some space for hiding and privacy. The spawning may be triggered due to the sunlight, and the fry should be fed with tiny live foods. Axelrodi Rainbow fish should not be fed with bigger foods even though they have wide mouths. That’s because their throat is narrow and cannot swallow the big foods. Prepared frozen, flake food are ideal for these fishes.

Some Rainbow Trout Fishing Ideas

trout catch

If you are planning to go for rainbow trout fishing, then you have reached the right spot. It does not matter whether you are a starter or veteran trout fisher, it is always better to know more information than what you know currently. You can simply read the following tips and make your trout fishing better. Remember that the rainbow fishes are very acrobatic and elusive, and they are relatively difficult to catch when compared to other fishes. It is better to know about the fishes, their behavior, habits, environment and many more.

Rainbow fishes eat the food in groups. They prefer one food over another, and their food habits change, according to the season. They eat the foods that are found abundant in that particular season. They even select the food, when they have many options. Some kinds of environment will affect their food habits. When provided two food items, the trout fishes prefer the one that is bigger in size. By knowing the feeding patterns of the rainbow trout fishes, one could become a better rainbow trout fisherman.

When going for trout fishing, you need to be aware of the fact that rainbow trout fishes may be unpredictable and be prepared for any unexpected fishing behaviors. Rainbow trout do not risk their favorable conditions in search of food. Like these, there are many peculiar behavior patterns with rainbow trouts. By knowing their food and behavioral pattern, one can make their fishing better. There are many fisherman and experts online to throw more light on this issue.