Monthly Archive: April 2015

Tips for Catching Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout fishing has become very popular these days. Rainbow trout fishes are found in various rivers and lakes of USA. Before starting your journey for fishing, it is necessary to check whether you have taken necessary gears. Some of the equipment required for fishing include lake rod, 15 lbs. line and light casting wheel. Then most importantly, one has to choose the best baits to lure the fishes. Some of the great baits for rainbow fishing are minnows, salmon eggs, and yellow cheese. It is always better to do the fishing during early morning or post afternoon, as the fishes remain very active during these times.

It is always better to check whether the lake or river you are planning for fishing has enough presence of rainbow trout. Also, know the seasons, when these fishes are quite active. Knowing these things would help you in increasing the chances of your fishing. As the rainbow trout fishes are cold water fishes, they are found so active between the winter and late spring. During summer seasons, these fishes go deep into the cold water, so it will be difficult to catch. Always use the baits, which you are familiar. In order to lure the fish better, one has to gently jerk the line gently for every 30 seconds to attract the fish. You can feel some mild jerk in your finger or hand when the fish has caught the bait.