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Introduce to Australian Rainbow Fish


Rainbow fishes are found in different regions of the world, and they come in different variations with respect to color, size, and behavior. One of the popular rainbow fishes is Australian rainbow, which is originated from Australia. This fish type is part of Melanotaeniidae family and can grow up to 4 inches in length. Also, called as Murray River rainbow fish, this fish is found mostly in Murray River and some of its tributaries. These fishes look attractive with their large eyes and striking silver and yellow color on their body. This schooling fish have a peaceful temperament and is compatible with various breeds of fishes. They feed on an omnivorous diet and caring this fish is quite easy.

At least, a 50 gallon size of the tank is required for raising this fish. The tank should be moderately filled with plants so that the fish has space to roam freely and also hide. The color and appearance of fish intensifies when the tank floor is covered with dark gravel. At any cost, one should avoid feeding this fish with bigger food items. That’s because the fish has a slim throat that cannot accommodate big food particles. Some of the recommended foods for Australian rainbow fish is plant substance, live foods, and flake foods.

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Things to Keep in Mind before Owning Rainbow Fishes


Those who are planning to set up an aquarium at the home for the first time could surely think about having rainbow fish. As the name says, rainbow fish shows vibrant colors like a rainbow and they are very eye catching. However, one must keep in mind that these fishes show their actual colors only after having grown relatively older. As most fish stores sell these fish as babies, the buyer hardly recognizes them. Before having rainbow fishes at home, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Never overcrowd the rainbow fish. This type of fish requires space to roam freely. Moreover, they are not so aggressive in nature and hence you can have other varieties of fishes in the same tank. You can ask the local fish store to find out other compatible fishes.

You should also focus more on the composition of the fish tank. In addition to giving free space for roaming, rainbow fishes do need some place to hide and sleep. Therefore, it is better to have long plants, large stones/rocks, etc. These fishes are kind of shy type, and they need some places to hide. Rainbow fishes tend to lose their colors when they are overstressed.

Rainbow fishes react severely to water changes. It is better to have a water testing kit in hand when changing the water of the tank. Use the kit to detect the level of calcium, ammonia, nitrate and other substances. Also, install aquarium tank water heater and thermometer to maintain optimal water temperature. Taking these precautions ensure best living conditions for the rainbow fish.

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What You Should Know About River Murray Rainbow Fish?

Rainbow fishes have become the choice of most home aquariums. There are many varieties of rainbow fishes and River Murray rainbow fish is one among them. This is one of the Australian rainbow fishes found in Australia and nowhere else. The scientific name of the fish is Melanotaenia fluviatilis. As the name says, River Murray rainbow fishes are predominantly found in River Murray. However, it is not found in all the tributaries of River Murray and other lakes. The size of these fishes can extend up to 10 cm. However, most fishes are not found in this size but lesser. Male fishes grow longer than female.

River Murray fishes have the capability to live in a range of water conditions. These fishes are found living in water with high pH level, where water is considerably hard. They can live in warm temperate regions as well as reduced water temperature. For aquarium tanks, the recommended pH level ranges from 6.8 to 8. Water with an excessive softness is not ideal for these fishes. Most tap waters have considerable hardness, which is generally suitable for the River Murray fishes. Like many other aquarium fishes, chloramine or chlorine should be removed from the water before the fish comes in contact with the water. These fishes are omnivorous, and hence they feed on plants, vegetables and blood worms. Some of the vegetables preferred by these fishes are green peas and cucumber.

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For Successful Rainbow Trout Fishing

There are many factors that increase your odds in fishing. Apart from fishing gears and angling skills, what plays a crucial role is the bait. By utilizing proper bait, you can catch more fishes. This simple rule applies when fishing rainbow trout also. Many people have seen improved results by utilizing appropriate baits. There are lot of baits to choose from for the rainbow trout fishing.

One of the best baits for rainbow trout fishing available in modern days is power bait. Though some enthusiast may not agree with this, power bait has been proven for rainbow trout fishing.
The other common and well proven bait for rainbow fishing is the live fishing worm. Like many other fishes, rainbow trout are well attracted to the live worms, thereby increasing your fishing odds. Apart live worms, synthetic fishing worms can also do a good job. When fishing in a stream or river, employing drift fishing tactic wcould be more effective.

In addition to the above discussed bait types, an artificial fly can also be effective bait for rainbow trout. These fishes feed on insects and hence they are often attracted by the fishes. The artificial fly just imitates the real fly and hence they can easily attract the rainbow trout. It is always better to choose handmade baits rather than machine made ones. Handmade baits look more natural and hence can attract the fish better.

Tips for Catching Rainbow Trout

Rainbow trout fishing has become very popular these days. Rainbow trout fishes are found in various rivers and lakes of USA. Before starting your journey for fishing, it is necessary to check whether you have taken necessary gears. Some of the equipment required for fishing include lake rod, 15 lbs. line and light casting wheel. Then most importantly, one has to choose the best baits to lure the fishes. Some of the great baits for rainbow fishing are minnows, salmon eggs, and yellow cheese. It is always better to do the fishing during early morning or post afternoon, as the fishes remain very active during these times.

It is always better to check whether the lake or river you are planning for fishing has enough presence of rainbow trout. Also, know the seasons, when these fishes are quite active. Knowing these things would help you in increasing the chances of your fishing. As the rainbow trout fishes are cold water fishes, they are found so active between the winter and late spring. During summer seasons, these fishes go deep into the cold water, so it will be difficult to catch. Always use the baits, which you are familiar. In order to lure the fish better, one has to gently jerk the line gently for every 30 seconds to attract the fish. You can feel some mild jerk in your finger or hand when the fish has caught the bait.