Introduce to Australian Rainbow Fish


Rainbow fishes are found in different regions of the world, and they come in different variations with respect to color, size, and behavior. One of the popular rainbow fishes is Australian rainbow, which is originated from Australia. This fish type is part of Melanotaeniidae family and can grow up to 4 inches in length. Also, called as Murray River rainbow fish, this fish is found mostly in Murray River and some of its tributaries. These fishes look attractive with their large eyes and striking silver and yellow color on their body. This schooling fish have a peaceful temperament and is compatible with various breeds of fishes. They feed on an omnivorous diet and caring this fish is quite easy.

At least, a 50 gallon size of the tank is required for raising this fish. The tank should be moderately filled with plants so that the fish has space to roam freely and also hide. The color and appearance of fish intensifies when the tank floor is covered with dark gravel. At any cost, one should avoid feeding this fish with bigger food items. That’s because the fish has a slim throat that cannot accommodate big food particles. Some of the recommended foods for Australian rainbow fish is plant substance, live foods, and flake foods.

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