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Short Introduction to Axelrodi Rainbow Fish


Among the huge varieties of Rainbow fishes, Axelrodi Rainbow Fish is one of the popular types. This fish is originated in Australia and belongs to the Melanotaeniidae family. This fish can grow to a maximum size of 4 inches, and they have an omnivorous diet habit. The minimum tank size required for this fish is 50 gallons and can be maintained or cared easily. Also called as Lake Tebera Rainbow, the Axelrodi Rainbow Fish comes in striking blue color that stunningly glows in the natural sunlight. This schooling fish are very peaceful in nature.

Like most rainbow fish type, these fishes features dorsal fins, silver/black bands, wide mouth, large eyes. The ideal aquarium set up for these fishes are bunches of plants along the sides with open water space in the middle. This set up helps the fish to roam freely and also some space for hiding and privacy. The spawning may be triggered due to the sunlight, and the fry should be fed with tiny live foods. Axelrodi Rainbow fish should not be fed with bigger foods even though they have wide mouths. That’s because their throat is narrow and cannot swallow the big foods. Prepared frozen, flake food are ideal for these fishes.

Some Rainbow Trout Fishing Ideas

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If you are planning to go for rainbow trout fishing, then you have reached the right spot. It does not matter whether you are a starter or veteran trout fisher, it is always better to know more information than what you know currently. You can simply read the following tips and make your trout fishing better. Remember that the rainbow fishes are very acrobatic and elusive, and they are relatively difficult to catch when compared to other fishes. It is better to know about the fishes, their behavior, habits, environment and many more.

Rainbow fishes eat the food in groups. They prefer one food over another, and their food habits change, according to the season. They eat the foods that are found abundant in that particular season. They even select the food, when they have many options. Some kinds of environment will affect their food habits. When provided two food items, the trout fishes prefer the one that is bigger in size. By knowing the feeding patterns of the rainbow trout fishes, one could become a better rainbow trout fisherman.

When going for trout fishing, you need to be aware of the fact that rainbow trout fishes may be unpredictable and be prepared for any unexpected fishing behaviors. Rainbow trout do not risk their favorable conditions in search of food. Like these, there are many peculiar behavior patterns with rainbow trouts. By knowing their food and behavioral pattern, one can make their fishing better. There are many fisherman and experts online to throw more light on this issue.

Assorted Pseudomugil Rainbow Fish – Small Introduction


For those, who have a deep interest in rainbow fish, should never miss to know about Assorted Pseudomugil Rainbow fish. This type of rainbow fish is a bit different from other variants of rainbow fish. This fish has its origin in Australia and belongs to Pseudomugilidae family. This fish comes in assorted colors, giving a highly attractive look. While most rainbow fishes can be easily cared, the Pseudomugil Rainbow Fish are difficult to care and maintain. This type of fish requires at least a massive tank size of 20 gallons.

They are moderately aggressive in nature and will not accommodate other fishes in the tank easily. This fish shares some similarities with other rainbow fish such as larger eyes, wide mouth, dorsal fins, etc. This fish prefers aquarium set up with plants. However, the plants should be filled moderately so that fishes can swim freely. In order to increase the color intensity of the fish, one can spread dark gravel on the floors or have some dark background. Lighting the fish in the night can simply make the fish look stunning and vibrant. Enough care should be taken when feeding this fish. One should never feed the fishes with big sized food as they do not have a big throat.

How to Care the Rainbow Fishes


Anyone who wants to set an aquarium at home can begin with rainbow fish. These fishes are found in Australia and also seen in regions of South East Asia. With vibrant colors all over the body, the rainbow fishes look striking, and they can make your home more beautiful and peaceful. If you are planning to have rainbow fish in your home aquarium, then do not forget to follow the below tips.

First, you should ensure that you get bigger sized aquarium tank. That’s because rainbow fishes require more space to roam freely around. Make sure to equip the tank with a filter and air pump, so that the water always has better oxygen content, which makes the fishes comfortable. Put some long leaves and rock inside the fish tank, so that the fishes can have some place to hide and sleep. Avoid overfeeding the fishes at any cost. You can feed them three times in a day with a regular time interval. Overfeeding will not only affect the fish’s health but also make the water dirty and cloudy. Make sure that you are giving the right and best food for the rainbow fishes, and ensure that you buy the right one.

It is good to equip the aquarium with a better thermometer. This helps to see whether the fish water is at an optimal temperature, which ranges anywhere between 72 and 82 degrees of Fahrenheit. In order to keep the fish’s health at best possible level, make sure to clean the tank once in every two weeks.

Why Rainbow Fishes are Very Popular?


Many people want to have rainbow fishes in their aquarium. There are many reasons that make these fishes the best choice for aquariums and now let’s look into some of them. First, these fishes are attractive. Comes in vibrant colors, these fishes adds more color to your aquarium and even to your ambience. Another reason that makes the rainbow fishes a popular choice of an aquarium is low maintenance. These fishes are not very sensitive like many other fresh water aquarium fishes, and hence they require relatively less amount of maintenance. They can live comfortably in tap waters, and there is no frequent water changes are required. The rainbow fishes come in different sizes, so people have to choose the sizes according to the size of aquarium tanks.

The threadfin rainbow fish is smaller is size, while the dwarf rainbow varieties will grow little bigger. There are different varieties of rainbow fishes present, and hence people have more options to choose an ideal one for their aquariums. There are many important steps to keep the rainbow fishes hale and healthy. The male fishes are brightly colored and bigger in size than the female fishes. Rainbow fish foods are available in the pet stores. These fishes can be fed with both pellet and flakes food. The rainbow fishes breed easily in captivation. In order to increase the breeding chances, one should feed with right type/quantity of food and ensure better lighting condition and water condition. You can ask the local aquarium shop to know more about the fishes.