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What You Should Know About Boesemani Rainbow Fish?


It is always nice to have rainbow fishes in your home aquarium. When you are shopping for rainbow fishes, you should remember the fact that there are different types of rainbow fishes available. They come in different sizes with different variations in color. Boesemani Rainbow is a kind of rainbow fish, which is also called as Melanotaenia boesemani. This fish looks beautiful with its vibrant colors that make your home aquarium more beautiful. These fishes are characterized by bluish purple head and attractive yellow and orange in the posterior.

The female fish looks dull in color, and they come in shiny silver. These fishes are very perfect for beginners as they are relatively easy to care. These fishes require at least 30 gallon size tank and have an omnivorous diet. The tank should minimum 4 feet long and having dark gravel and stones inside the tank can make the fish look bright and vibrant. These fishes are peaceful in nature and do not fight with other fishes in the same tank. Though the mouth of the Melanotaenia boesemani is large, their throats are very narrow. Therefore, one should not feed it with bigger size foods.

Introduction to Praecox Rainbow Fish


Rainbow fishes have all always attracted the kids and adults alike, through their vibrant colors. You must remember that rainbow fishes have different variants, and they come in different colors and sizes. Here, we will look into Praecox Rainbow fish. This fish is also called as Dwarf Neon Rainbow. This fish is characterized by large eyes, long angled mouth, silver or black bands on the body, and two fins at dorsal. This type of fish requires at least 20 gallons size tank. The tank should have long plants and should also have free space to move and roam.

Dark colored background or substrate can simply intensify the color of this fish. There some important pointers to be noted when people want to breed the fish at home. The adult fish should be removed from the fry. The fry should be given small pieces of foods. Though the mouth of the Dwarf Neon Rainbow or Praecox Rainbow looks big, their throat is very small. Therefore, one should strictly avoid feeding big sized food. Like many other rainbow fishes, these fishes can be cared easily, and they are quite friendly with most other fishes as well.

Threadfin Rainbow – A Small Introduction


Most people think that rainbow fishes have vibrant colors like a rainbow. Though it is true in some cases, one should also remember that rainbow fishes come in different variants in terms of size and color. Threadfin rainbow is one of the kinds of rainbow fishes that come in a mix of blue and gray colors. The males have long threads, which is not common among rainbow fish variants. Generally, these fishes are identified by silver/black bands, bigger eyes, wide angled mouth, and dorsal fins. These fishes are quite peaceful and require a moderate level of care. This fish require at least 10 gallons size tank.

In order to brighten its color and look, one can add dark gravel or dark background. This fish produce eggs in the form of big clumps. An important thing is that the parents should be taken out from the tank before the hatching of the eggs happens. The fry should be given small foods. The mouth of the threadfin rainbow looks very wide and big. However, its throat is narrow. Therefore, one should feed it with small size food only.

Celebes Rainbow – A Small Introduction


Rainbow fishes have become a popular choice for most home aquariums. There are many varieties of rainbow fishes found across different parts of the world. Here, we will look into Celebes rainbow fish. Also called as Telmatherina ladigesi, the Celebes rainbow fish looks attractive with natural or ambient lighting. The males look more colorful than females and have anal and dorsal fin. This fish is schooling fish, means they move in groups. These fishes have peaceful behavior, and they are quite friendly with other fishes in the tank.

Though the caring of the fish is very easy, this fish is sensitive to changes. Therefore, owners should exercise caution when changing waters or when cleaning the tank. One should check that the environment is stable. This fish requires a tank size of at least minimum of 20 gallons and they may lay eggs on the plants. The fry can be fed with brine shrimp or live foods. One should avoid feeding this fish with bigger size foods. Although the mouth is wider and big, the throat of the fish is small. Feeding bigger could choke the fish.

Things to Know About Eastern Rainbowfish


Rainbow fishes come in many varieties. Easter rainbow fish is one of the amazing rainbow fishes that look attractive. Also called as Splendid rainbow, this is one of the subspecies from Melanotaenia splendida. This fish can be identified by its wide mouth, black/silver band on the scale, and dorsal fins. This type of fish is quite peaceful in nature and requires at least 50 gallons of tank. Planted aquarium is ideal for this fish. However, one should not overfill with many plants as the fish requires more space to roam freely.

Adorning the tank with black color gravel can make the fish look bright and stunning. The male fish displays highly vibrant colors during the breeding time. The adult fish should be removed from the tank after the fry has hatched. After 24 hours of hatching, the fry should be fed with an omnivorous diet. This fish is originated in Australia and is compatible with many other breeds. One should never feed big sized food to this fish as the food will be struck in its narrow throat.