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Amazing Facts about Turquoise Rainbow Fish

FishThough they carry the name rainbow, the rainbow fishes always do not have rainbow like colors and patterns on their body. There are many variants of rainbow fish that come in different stunning colors. Now let’s look into some facts about Turquoise rainbow fish. As the name denotes, Turquoise rainbow fish has intense, vibrant blue color on the exterior that can simply attract the eyes of anyone. Due to this reason, these fishes are used in centerpiece aquarium. Some of the characteristics of these fishes are big mouths, dorsal fins, bigger eyes, black/silver bands on scale, etc.

Also called as Melanotaenia lacustris, the turquoise rainbow fishes are schooling fish that requires at least a 50 gallon tank with plants. The plants should be filled in such a way that fish has more area and space to move freely inside the tank. In order to intensify the color of the fish, one can add black or dark gravel to the floor of the aquarium. The fry can be fed with tiny live foods. The origin of the fish is Australia and belongs to Melanotaeniidae family. One should not feed the adult turquoise rainbow fish with big sized food stuff considering their big mouth. Though their mouth is big, their throat is small and cannot swallow big foods.

Red Irian Rainbow – A Popular Type of Rainbow Fish


Rainbow fishes have become an ideal choice for aquariums due to the reasons like an attractive look, easy care, and low maintenance. There are many kinds of rainbow fishes and Red Irian Rainbow is one among them. This type of fish has its origin in Australia and Asia. This is one of the popular types of rainbow fish that is characterized by intense colors. The male fishes have a bright red colored body, and the female comes in striking silver color.

Like many rainbow fish types, the red Irian rainbow fishes too have deep angled mouth, larger eyes, dorsal fins and black/silver band. This fish belongs to the family of Melanotaeniidae, and it requires a tank with 50 gallons.

Planted aquariums are the most ideal for these fishes. However, the fish strictly requires space to roam freely inside the tank. The adults should be removed from the breeding tank after the spawning of the eggs. The eggs should be hatched separately, and the fry should be give tiny live foods. The red Irian rainbow fish follows an omnivorous diet. Although the mouth of the fishes is wide, their throat is small. Due to this reason, one should never feed these fishes with big sized food items.

i Know About Madagascan Rainbow Fish


Rainbow fishes have attracted big mass since many years. The striking colors and wide varieties made the rainbow fishes a great choice for an aquarium at homes. Of many types, Madagascan Rainbow fish is a very popular choice for home aquariums. Also called as Bedotia gaeyi, the madagascan rainbow fish is originated from Madagascar. These fishes have bright yellow color that simply turns the eyes of anyone nearby. As with most rainbow fish types, this type of fish too have a wide mouth, dorsal fins, and large eyes. Caring this fish is very easy. This fish requires at least a 50 gallons tank and should have plants inside. The tank should have plants in moderate level so that the fish can have space for both hiding and freely roam around.

A 4 feet length tank with dark/black gravel substrate can make this make this fish to look attractive. The male shows bright colors during the courtship process. They do this to attract the female fishes. This type of fish can grow to a maximum length of 6 inches and has a bigger mouth. These fishes should not be fed with large food as they do not have big throat to swallow the food. This omnivore fish should be given a mixed diet such as algae, live foods, and flake foods.