Things to Keep in Mind before Owning Rainbow Fishes


Those who are planning to set up an aquarium at the home for the first time could surely think about having rainbow fish. As the name says, rainbow fish shows vibrant colors like a rainbow and they are very eye catching. However, one must keep in mind that these fishes show their actual colors only after having grown relatively older. As most fish stores sell these fish as babies, the buyer hardly recognizes them. Before having rainbow fishes at home, you need to keep certain things in mind.

Never overcrowd the rainbow fish. This type of fish requires space to roam freely. Moreover, they are not so aggressive in nature and hence you can have other varieties of fishes in the same tank. You can ask the local fish store to find out other compatible fishes.

You should also focus more on the composition of the fish tank. In addition to giving free space for roaming, rainbow fishes do need some place to hide and sleep. Therefore, it is better to have long plants, large stones/rocks, etc. These fishes are kind of shy type, and they need some places to hide. Rainbow fishes tend to lose their colors when they are overstressed.

Rainbow fishes react severely to water changes. It is better to have a water testing kit in hand when changing the water of the tank. Use the kit to detect the level of calcium, ammonia, nitrate and other substances. Also, install aquarium tank water heater and thermometer to maintain optimal water temperature. Taking these precautions ensure best living conditions for the rainbow fish.

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