What You Should Know About River Murray Rainbow Fish?

Rainbow fishes have become the choice of most home aquariums. There are many varieties of rainbow fishes and River Murray rainbow fish is one among them. This is one of the Australian rainbow fishes found in Australia and nowhere else. The scientific name of the fish is Melanotaenia fluviatilis. As the name says, River Murray rainbow fishes are predominantly found in River Murray. However, it is not found in all the tributaries of River Murray and other lakes. The size of these fishes can extend up to 10 cm. However, most fishes are not found in this size but lesser. Male fishes grow longer than female.

River Murray fishes have the capability to live in a range of water conditions. These fishes are found living in water with high pH level, where water is considerably hard. They can live in warm temperate regions as well as reduced water temperature. For aquarium tanks, the recommended pH level ranges from 6.8 to 8. Water with an excessive softness is not ideal for these fishes. Most tap waters have considerable hardness, which is generally suitable for the River Murray fishes. Like many other aquarium fishes, chloramine or chlorine should be removed from the water before the fish comes in contact with the water. These fishes are omnivorous, and hence they feed on plants, vegetables and blood worms. Some of the vegetables preferred by these fishes are green peas and cucumber.

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