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Best bass Fishing in Ohio

As an ardent bass angler over much of my angling and outdoors career, I've learned to note credible and useful information from both the forthcoming and successful anglers throughout Ohio and learned to avoid the poor or downright misleading information that dominates so much of the social media these days.

In my six decades of pursuing the sport and my favorite specie within it, I've been privileged to at one time or another fish literally all the major locales in Ohio, whether for personal fun or while filming our " Buckeye Angler" TV program.

Utilizing those experiences, and information and updated from sources around the state, here, arranged reverse/alphabetically, are what I feel are the Top 10 bass fishing locations in the Buckeye State:

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The author with a nice Salt Fork bass that took a spinnerbait.

Seneca Lake - The state's third largest inland lake somehow suffers in comparison to it's neighbor lake Salt Fork.y On many a day when Salt Fork is overcrowded, nearby southeast Ohio sister lake Seneca seems almost lonel by comparison, though Salt Fork is indeed a premier largemouth fishery. Seneca is no slouch for bucketmouths, while also adding the bonus of smallmouth bass and stripers. Contact the marina there at 740-685-5831.

Salt Fork Lake - Arguably second only to Pleasant Hill as arguably Ohio's most beautiful body of water, Salt Fork's sheer size enables ongoing largemouth notoriety despite ongoing tournament and vacation pressures. Outstanding spinnerbait lake. The 3, 000 acre lake, outside of Cambridge, has a beautiful lodge and conference center that can be reached at 1-800-282-7275.

Portage Lakes - Assemblage of accessible conjoining lakes of divergent size and individual personalities, just south of Akron, is perhaps the state's very premier largemouth bass fishery. Despite amazing pressures on limited-size waters with no abundance of speed lanes, the best-five tournament catches regularly still run 15-20 pounds. No more credible and knowledgeable source of Portage Lakes information for all lakes' species and up-to-date information exists than local legend and professional guide Ron Slater, who also owns the area's premier bait shop right on East Reservoir. I encourage you to give Ron a call at 330-644-0316.

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Arguably second only to Pleasant Hill as arguably Ohio's most beautiful body of water, Salt Fork's sheer size enables ongoing largemouth notoriety.

Mogadore Reservoir - This legendary Portage Lakes standout gained national notoriety originally as a fabled panfish destination. In more recent years the largemouth fishing has supplanted the lofty status of those big redears. Weed edges and fallen timber are two key sources of productive cover. Mogadore Bait & Tackle on Randolph Road is a true old-fashioned full-service shop (330-628-9872).

Lake Milton -Trumbull County river-fed stop is almost equidistant between Akron and Youngstown. Completely drained and re-stocked in the 1980's, the comeback has been slow and sure. Both smallmouth and bigmouths are now available in both numbers and trophy size. Northcoast Bait & Tackle can answer any questions at 330-654-2516.

Ohio River - Frustrated tournament anglers may be surprised by this listing, but the fact is that from Pennsylvania to Indiana this historical waterway is full of both largemouth and smallmouth bass, undersized as they may often be. Twice picked as for B.A.S.S. championship events. Simply a wonderful place to take an ultra-light outfit and just have fun with the never-ending action. My favorite stretch: the Cumberland Pool out of East Liverpool, even though I once won a tournament at Powhatten Point, further down river.

Lake Erie - Still occasionally sited as perhaps the country's premier smallmouth destination, despite the decade-long decline in the Western Basin. As the smallie bite seems to be in ascension eastward - think Conneaut and Ashtabula. The biggest story of late has been the emerging largemouth fishery from the tributaries out into the lake proper. Tubes a primary bait choice for both. Two trusted information sources: Cranberry Creek Marina in the Central Basin (419-433-3932) and Snug Harbor eastward (440-593-3755).

Deer Creek - Not the not-all-that-bad more southern Ohio Deer Creek. This one straddles the Portage/Stark County border. Simply a largely overlooked electric-only largemouth gem. Contact: Crawlers Bait & Tackle at 330-581-5698.

Cuyahoga River - Whether it be walking a beautiful shoreline, finding long, isolated stretches of prime wading water, a deep reservoir full of smallmouth and largemouth, a canoe or kayak excursion, or just an idyllic spot to laze and casually cast topwaters for evening bass, somewhere on the Upper Cuyahoga's 30-plus miles you're sure to find what you desire. You may well want to rule out the section from the end of the Liberty Commons area of Akron to Cleveland, as it is decidedly inferior to the upriver stretches in terms of water quality, and the fishing reflects it increasingly from Akron through the Cuyahoga Valley to Lake Erie. Further info @ Facebook's " Buckeye Angler" site.

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