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Indian Lake Fishing

2009 Fish Derby Awards

2016 Fishing Permit Prices

Regular Annual Fishing: $ 30.00 Regular Daily Fishing: $ 12.00 Juvenile (12-17 yrs) Annual Fishing: $ 10.00 Children 11 & Under: FREE Sr. Citizens (60 yrs +) Annual fishing:

Rainbow trout are stocked annually at the 80-acre lake to provide angling action. Indian Lake is open for fishing from May 1 - October 31. A Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation fishing permit is required and may be purchased at the lake or at many other local license outlets.

Reservation Fishing Permits are available at Indian Lake (during camping season), Arrowhead Travel Plaza, and Mission Market.

For more information on fishing permits, please call the Umatilla Tribal Fisheries Department at (541) 429-7277.

Boats (electric motors only) are welcome.

Fishing/Hunting Permit Prices

Regular Combination Annual Fishing/Hunting $54.00 (Fishing/Small Game/Upland Game Waterfowl).

Annual Fish Derby

The Indian Lake Fish Derby is always held on the day before Father's Day each year, with a grand prize going to the fisher with the largest fish of the day. Lots of other fun and prizes help make the annual event a success, especially with the locals.

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