Indian Lake Schools Conduct

Indian Lake High School Ohio

Honoring Our Heroes

This area is dedicated to our alumni that have served or are serving in our armed forces!

Lost Class Rings

Have you lost your Indian Lake High School class ring? Have you found someone's class ring? Visit our Lakers lost class ring page to search for your class ring or post information about a found ring.

Lakers Wall

View, post and comment on photo's and events with your classmates!


Post your Indian Lake High School class reunion information here and receive a free reunion planning website with the reunion tools you need for the perfect class reunion.

Alumni Stories

Read and submit stories about our classmates from Indian Lake High School, post achievements and news about our alumni, and post photos of our fellow Lakers.

Mr. Cline Indian Lake High School Art Teacher is retiring!

After 26 years of teaching art classes at IL, Mr. Cline is retiring. As a teacher he influenced many students to pursue...

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