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Indian Lake Ohio Map

1. NE Side of Oldfield Island
2. S.E. Corner of Blackhawk Island
3. E.Entrance to Lucy’s Pond
4. Point of Lakeridge
5. W. of Chippewa Marina Off Dredge Spoil
6. W. Side of Hermit Island
7. NE Point of Sisson Island
8. Point Off Hermit Island
9. Turkeyfoot Entrance in Front of Blackbird Basin
10. N.W. Side of Little Walnut Island
11.N.W. Side of Big Walnut Island

12. S. Tip of Big Walnut
13. E. Side of Big Walnut
14. W. Side of No Name
15. Praire Wall N.W. of #14 Blind
16. First Pot Hole E. of Acheson’s
17. First Pot Hole Off N. Side Channel
18. Second Pot Hole Off N. Side Channel
19. Flag Patch S. & Opposite IL Shores Channel
20. 1st Channel S. of IL Shores
21. Entrance to Twin Channels Facing Bay at Long Island Disposal Area
22. Dredge Row on E. Side of Long Pond NE
23. NE Side of Northfork Dredge Spoil
24. NW Side of Northfork Dredge Spoil
25. W. of Pony Island End of Channel Back of Walnut
26. NE Corner of Pony Island
27. E. Side of Pony Island
28. Northwestern Point of Pony Island Spoil Area (New Spoil)
29. Southeast Point of New Dredge Row, Off of N. Fork
30. Southeast Side of Richard Island
31. Northfork Bay area
32. S.W. Side of Oldfield Island Between Park Maintenance Channel and South Shelterhouse
33. To the South East of Blind #4
34. North Side of Sisson Island
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