Best Fishing in the South

Catfish Charters

Flying Fish ChartersFlying Fish Charters offers an exciting fishing adventure. Climb aboard our 30 foot Sportcraft fully equipped with all of the tackle and electronics needed to have the fishing experience of your life. The Captain will be able to guide you to where the fish are currently hitting so you can land that trophy Trout, Salmon, or Steelhead.

The Mexico Bay area starts with great Brown Trout fishing at ice-out (usually around April 1st). The summer months bring excellent Lake Trout, Brown Trout, Steelhead, and Salmon fishing, while the tackle-busting Salmon usually come in around August 1st and continue through September. Catches of 20-30 pounds are common, and 40 pounders are not uncommon!


  • A 50% deposit is required to hold your day of adventure and enjoyment
  • Your Captain reserves the right to cancel the charter due to weather conditions. The charter may be rescheduled or the deposit refunded.
  • 8 weeks notice of cancellation required for refund of deposit

Charter Fees:

Charter Length Credit Card Cash
6 hrs of fishing (1-4 people) $525.00 $500.00
8 hrs of fishing (1-4 people) $685.00 $650.00
3 hrs of fishing (1-4 people) $368.00 $350.00
Extra Person (maximum of 6 total) $132.00 $125.00
* All prices are plus tax

Customer is responsible for:

  • Having a valid NY state fishing license (available at our bait shop)
  • Warm clothing - offshore temperature is much cooler than on land
  • Food and drinks in unbreakable containers
  • Camera, hat, sunglasses, and soft-soled shoes
  • Rain gear (just in case)
  • Motion sickness medicine (should be taken one hour prior to departure)
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