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Ohio Boating Lakes Port Clinton

We are your Ohio boat dealer and Sea Ray experts. MarineMax of Port Clinton/Catawba Island has been serving the Lake Erie Island area with unparalleled boat service for over 40 years. With premium brands known for their quality and durability like Meridian Yachts, and Sea Ray boats and yachts; we have the boat or yacht for your boating lifestyle.

MarineMax of Catawba Island offers the West Lake Erie area and particularly Port Clinton, Ohio, the very best in quality boat service and boat repair. We repair and service most premium brands using factory trained technicians in our top rate marine service centers. In most cases, we have a mobile service team!

We are proud to have been awarded Sea Ray's Master Dealer status for our superior customer service. Stop in and visit our Boating Gear Center for all your boating needs.

We are conveniently located on Catawba Road, in close proximity to Lake Erie, Middle Harbor, Portage River, Sandusky Bay and West Harbor.

MarineMax of Catawba Island features new boats, new yachts, pleasure boats, power boats, recreational boats, cruising boats, fishing boats, yachts, as well as, quality used boats, used yachts, and cruisers.

So, whether you want to go fishing, cruising, skiing or snorkeling; with a few friends or the entire family, call MarineMax of Catawba Island today and let our knowledgeable and friendly marine staff give you a personal introduction to the boat of your dreams, at our dock or yours. Call us now, we're waiting to hear from you!

Events & Getaways

We're sure you know by now that no matter where you want to go - whether it's a place on the water, or just in your imaginations - you can get there by boat. With MarineMax Getaways!®, you won't need to dream about the fun you can have on the water, you can actually join in, hassle-free.

MarineMax Get!® have become the ultimate resource for creating memories on the water without the work associated with the planning. With our A-List of locations and trips that vary from day-away to a week-long adventure, from a laid-back getaway to an action-packed, frolicking good time, there is always an event specially planned with you in mind. Our Getaway locations span the length of the country and beyond, from exotic, Caribbean longitudes to all-natural fresh water themes.

To make your experience even easier, we have dedicated Getaways!® coordinators to help you in scheduling and signing up for every adventure.

So welcome aboard for another fun-filled season. Peruse and choose your events, then pick up the phone or email us to reserve your spot today. We invite you to join in the experience that's the MarineMax Difference as we help you relax, rejuvenate, and rekindle your spirits.

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