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City of Avon Lake, Ohio

750 Avon Belden Road
Avon Lake, Ohio 44012
Phone: (440) 930-4102
Fax: (440) 930-4111

The Avon Lake Building Department issues permits for all construction of buildings and structures, and performs the required inspections required by each permit. Additionally, the Building Department registers contractors who are working in our City.

The Building Department will answer all questions related to building projects and building construction issues by homeowners, architects, engineers, building owners, tenants and project managers. We enforce the Ohio Building Code and enforce the Residential Code of Ohio. (These codes include the enforcement of the National Electric Code, the Ohio Mechanical Code and the Ohio Plumbing Codes.)

The Building Department also performs plan reviews of all building projects as needed and performs inspections on all buildings and structures.

For more detailed information pertaining to the Building Department, including documents and forms, please use the menu and the highlighted links at the bottom of this page.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) does not compare one business to another but rather evaluates businesses against our standards — and our standards clearly speak to the character and competence of an organization. BBB is the resource to turn to for objective, unbiased information on businesses. Our network of national and local BBB operations allows us to monitor and take action on thousands of business issues affecting consumers at any given time. BBB is your key adviser, most reliable evaluator and most objective expert on the topic of trust in the marketplace.

Building Energy Codes — The Department of Energy’s Building Energy Codes Program is an informational resource on national model energy codes. We work with other government agencies, state and local jurisdictions, national code organizations, and industry to promote stronger building energy codes and help states adopt, implement, and enforce those codes. The Program recognizes that energy codes maximize energy efficiency only when they are fully embraced by users and supported through education, implementation and enforcement.

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