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Kiser Lake Fishing Report

Alum Creek Lake (Delaware County) – Smallmouth bass can be caught in this lake north of Columbus. Using crankbaits and spinnerbaits, target the main and secondary lake points where rip rap or hard bottom is present. White bass are being caught on in-line spinners and blade baits; look for dense areas of gizzard shad on the surface. Crappies are being found around wood in 10-15 feet of water using jigs or minnows. Crappies will move into shallower water as temperatures decrease this fall. Muskie can provide good action this time of year – troll crankbaits along the points and dam.

Rush Creek Lake (Fairfield County) – Channel catfish can be caught in this lake east of Lancaster. Use cut shad, shrimp, or nightcrawlers fished in the east or south ends for best results. Bluegills are providing some action around cover in the east end of the lake; use waxworms or red worms fished under a bobber. Largemouth bass are also being caught on spinnerbaits and must be 15 inches or longer to keep. There is a 10-horsepower limit on lake.

Kokosing River (Knox County) – Part of Ohio’s first water trail, this stream provides a good day on the water catching smallmouth bass and rock bass. For smallmouth bass, use small tubes or crankbaits in crayfish or shiner patterns around woody cover, boulders, and eddies. Rock bass can be caught in the same areas with the same baits as smallmouth bass. Channel catfish can be caught in deep pools using shrimp, nightcrawlers, and prepared baits.

Kiser Lake (Champaign County) – This 394-acre lake in Champaign County is perfect for a quiet day on the water since no motors are allowed. The lake has a good population of largemouth bass. Try plastics, topwater baits, and crankbaits along the lily pads or cover on the north side of the lake. Crappies will become more active as the water cools this fall. Fish with minnows in the old creek channel, around woody cover, or dip baits in the lily pads. Bluegills are also being taken around aquatic vegetation and cover using waxworms.

Northwest Region

Pleasant Hill Reservoir (Richland-Ashland county line) – With 781 acres of water and 13 miles of shoreline, Pleasant Hill Reservoir has plenty to offer. The reservoir is next to Mohican State Forest, two miles southwest of Perrysville. The boat ramp and marina are on Covert Road, right off State Route 95. Water levels are at normal levels right now. Good numbers of crappies from 9-10 inches can be found. Try fishing with minnows under a slip bobber in 8-12 feet of water near submerged trees. The lake also has excellent populations of largemouth bass, saugeyes, and yellow perch. For saugeyes, try trolling in 10-15 feet of water in front of the beach. For largemouths, try fishing around the stumps at the lower end of the reservoir.

Lake McKarns (Williams County) – Lake McKarns is on the St. Joseph Wildlife Area, south of Montpelier on County Road J and west of County Road 10. The lake is 70 acres in size and is a good place to try for some largemouth bass this time of year. Try focusing on the structure in the southwest area of the lake. Anglers should try using topwater lures fished along the structure edges. For largemouth bass, two fish may be kept less than 14 inches and one fish 20 inches or greater may be kept for a total limit of three fish. The lake features a boat ramp and boats are limited to 10-horsepower engines.

Barton Lake (Williams County) – Largemouth bass anglers have been having success fishing for largemouth bass in the mornings. Try using topwater lures in the mornings at the southwest side of the lake. A ramp for small boats is available. There is a limit of 10 sunfish area wide, and a three bass split limit (anglers may keep only two bass less than 14 inches and one bass 20 inches or larger).

Upper Sandusky Reservoir #2 (Wyandot County) – Channel catfish have been biting on nightcrawlers. The best time and place has been in the morning east of the boat ramp. Bluegill have also been biting recently; try using shrimp or bits of nightcrawlers.

Fremont Reservoir (Sandusky County) – Crappie anglers are catching eight- to nine-inch crappies during the evening at Fremont Reservoir. Try using minnows and light-colored jigs near the boat launch area.

Wayne Carr Lake (Paulding County) – This 15-acre lake on County Road 11, just ½ mile south of County Road 424, should be producing nice bluegills and largemouth bass right now. The best fishing for bluegills is usually along the shoreline, using nightcrawlers fished under a slip bobber. For largemouth bass, try casting nightcrawlers, minnows, or plastic worms. There is a public use boat ramp available, but boats are restricted to 10-horsepower motors. In addition, there is a 10-fish daily limit on bluegills and an 18-inch minimum size limit for bass on the lake.

Killdeer Plains Pond #30 (Wyandot County) – This pond is southeast of Harpster, off Township Highway 125. Just south of the railroad tracks, turn west and follow the gravel lane back to the pond. Largemouth bass should be biting now. Try fishing the west bank in the mornings or evenings with weedless soft topwater baits over the weed beds. A jig and pig fished along the weed line and in open water pockets is another effective technique. No ramp is available; however, small boats may be used. There is a 10-horsepower limit. Wading is also popular along the east and south shores.

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